Some Things To Know Before You Purchase - 

Most private docks can be up to 700 square feet including the open space for the slip and walk way, but now some docks can have the walkway etended - this is up to the Corp Ranger.  The mowing and under brushing permit allows for some cleaning of the government ground portion in front of your lot. Feel free to call The Army Corp of Engineers at Gilbertsille, KY for additional information or look up Shoreline Management on the Corp website, be sure to be on the Lake Barkley portion of the site.  Immediately after purchase meet with your particular area Ranger to acquire your mowing and dock permit.  It is really important to understand the Corp Property line (approx 365' in elevation), the Corp Easement (378' in elevation) above their property line and the area of your land that you have complete control over.  Just remember what the Corp says goes.

When Buying Waterfront Property you should use a LOCAL REALTOR, one that knows who to contact and can walk you through the process.  Call me to help you with these steps as I have a very good rapprt with the local Corp and understand as a waterfront homeowner the do's and don'ts.